Blog mini-series: Eco pets!

Anyone who knows us, will know that our animals are very much the centre of our lives. And if you don’t know that already, I’m sure you’ll get the message throughout the next few posts. We love to write and share our experiences of the eco products that we use, so we think its only right to share the things that we use to make our pet ownership eco too! From the food that we use, to the places we shop at, we try to be as environmentally conscious as possible. Although our cats and dogs are blissfully unaware of the climate crisis, I’m sure their future ancestors will thank us! Throughout the coming posts, you’ll get to know our animals, and the products that we’ve loved using to help reduce our carbon paw-print! Feel free to follow our dogs on Instagram (or Purl / Bobbin on Facebook) if you want to keep up with their antics! The cats (Albie & Bluebell) sometimes make a guest appearance too!