Things that can be upcycled and how – ideas and experience

Creative Recycling: Art Workshop Day

Drop into the Visual Arts Cheshire Gallery in Barons Quay (opposite WildWood) next Saturday to see the new 20x20 exhibition and try a free 'Creative Recycling' art workshop. Inspired by my own journey to Zero Waste, I will be showing you how to make some art by upcycling scrap materials we all have at home! These can then be entered into the art exhibition or taken home! All ages welcome!  (I will also have some Zero Waste Llama items for sale, for those looking to fill their stockings early!). Perfect for all ages and abilities with all materials provided. Local makers will show you how to get started. More details about the workshop day here, and info about the 20x20 exhibition can be found on the Northwich Guardian website.


Sustainability Festival, Northwich, 23rd July 2022

West Cheshire Museums are partnering with Eco Communities to host a sustainable Festival and craft fair, on the 23rd July 2023.

The event is part of West Cheshire Museums’ Festival for the Future, a month-long celebration of sustainability and climate action held accross museum sites Chester, Northwich and Malpas.

The Festival of the Future is a free one day event at the Northwich museums – ideal for families who love nature, performance , craft and free workshops!



For those who sew: Gütermann Recycled Sewing Thread

Gutermann Recycled Sew-All Thread Set 20pk - Basics
Gutermann Recycled Sew-All Thread Set 20pk – Basics

As an avid sewer – and I know that I am not alone here – I take pride in repairing and upcycling items in order to lower my carbon footprint. I also know Gütermann to be one of the best brands of sewing thread in the world! I have recently discovered Gütermann Sew-all Thread rPET. Not only can they be implemented for a variety of fabrics and stitches, but they are made from 100 % recycled polyester!


Read more about the article Home Made Reusable Sanitary Products
Home made sanitary towels / menstrual pads, by Cathrene

Home Made Reusable Sanitary Products

Following my Product Review on Reusable Sanitary Products in March last year, I have been producing my own Sanitary Towels. Not only have these been much more comfy to wear than those purchased, but the homemade ones have proven to weather the wear far better!

Originally, I made 2 test ones for myself (one for day and one for night), which I have used alongside those purchased, then numerous friends and businesses showed interest, so I made up more (far prettier than my “mock ups” from scrap fabrics). Now, a year later, my 2 sanitary towels still look and feel amazing, the purchased Earthwise towels look a little tatty, but are still functional, and the Eco-Femme Cotton Sanitary Night Pads have worn very badly, and although still functional, the fabric has become rough against my skin.

Compared to the brand of disposable pads I used prior, I would never go back…. No irritation and excellent absorbency!

So I set to to make some nice new towels for me for a change (haha – it was the same story with the COVID-19 masks – I have made nearly 100 for others… and still have not finished my own!).



COVID-19: Staying Home, Staying Safe and keeping up with your Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Part 1

Wear a Mask – Slow the Spread!

With the combination of frequent hand washing and physical distancing, wearing a face mask can help to slow the spreading of the virus, according to supporting research. The wearing of a face mask has become the norm in many Asian countries since the onset of COVID-19, and more recently, the USFrance, and parts of Italy have also urged people to wear “alternative” masks – such as cloth face coverings.

Our local vets calling out for home-made face masks (all masks have been given to the NHS), but in other countries people are making for the hospitals, as supply is not meeting demand. During the past 6 weeks, I have been producing masks for myself, my carer and my mum (to use in the supermarket, when walking down the high street, etc.) in addition to around 30 masks produced for local key workers and veterinary surgeries.

To be clear this is a LAST RESORT mask for the NHS – and yet, during the past week, both my mother and I have been producing them for Physiotherapists and other staff working at Leighton Hospital, in addition to full sets of scrubs, scrubs bags and crocheted clips / headbands (which secure the mask behind the users head, to avoid rubbing the ears if wearing for a long time). The patterns and instructions for these can be found below.



Upcycle Project: Old clothes to Origami bags!

Baggy Trousers

When I was 19 or 20, I remember actually holding a “funeral” for my favourite pair of patchwork batik baggy trousers… I lived in them… they were part of me… yet I was not in a position (at the time I was at university) to maintain their repairs… alas… they were falling apart… and my housemates staged an intervention and helped me to part with them… (I still miss that specific pair now! They were purples and dark blues, and so comfy…).

These days, I try and keep up with repairs – with such patchwork baggy trousers, this is fairly easy – just add another patch! However, there does come a point where you find yourself doing this far too regularly…


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Shredded Paper

Shredded Paper…. urgh… a pain to produce, and even more of a pain to dispose of… luckily both my parents actively make and use their own compost (CWC does not seem to like shredded paper in the recycling!? But, it is a source confusion for many…. so here is some information and tips to help you!