Eco and waste-free products: Information and reviews

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Show Love Shop Small


The Ethical Choice- Show Love: Buy Local, Shop Small

When you buy out-of-season produce, e.g. raspberries or strawberries in December, your eco-credentials become lower. The same applies to purchasing any food product that has been flown from outside your country or is wrapped in layers of (unnecessary) plastic. By shopping locally, and independently, (bakers, farm shops, green grocers…) it is less likely that the produce has travelled an unthinkable distance in order to get onto your plate. Not only does this support local farmers, but the produce will be wrapped in less (or even no) packaging and is fresher. The same applies to non-food goods and services.

This is just one positive, others include:

  • It is often possible to try before you buy!
  • It may be cheaper
  • Advice can be sought if required
  • It helps build your community, get social!
  • It support local businesses and entrepreneurs
  • Independent shops often sell unique and unusual products
  • It boosts the local economy

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Butternut Box lover, Rainbow ©ZeroWasteLlama 2022

Product Review: Butternut Box (Dog Food)

By Sarah Bellis
Sarah, Rainbow & Bambi ©ZeroWasteLlama 2022
Sarah, Rainbow & Bambi ©ZeroWasteLlama 2022

I’ve always been really “funny” about what I feed my dogs. You hear about people who give their dogs the cheapest foods, and the dogs live forever! But knowing my luck that would never be the case. My dogs have always been fed better than myself. They dress better than me too, but that is another story!

As a dog-parent, it’s easy to get caught up in dog food marketing campaigns. The ones with the bright packaging, the ones with the happy dog on the packet with the shiniest coat and the brightest eyes. Some promise things that they definitely do not fulfil. When it comes to genuinely excellent quality food, it is so important to do your research. Something that can be confusing, you end up down a rabbit hole.



Product Review: The Little Fudge Box

On the 7th May, at the Artisan market at Abakhan Fabrics, Mostyn (Wales), Sarah and I were lucky enough to have a chat with The Little Fudge Box – an Artisan handmade fudge from North Wales. The Little Fudge Box team are very privileged to live up in the mountains of Wales surrounded by hills, moors, big skies, woodlands and lots of  farmers and growers producing high quality produce.

Not only are their fudges vegetarian, free from glucose, gluten and palm oil, but all their ingredients are local to production: the Whiskey used in some flavours is a from Welsh distillery, Penderyn, the honey is from just 2 miles down the valley from them and the pollen is from a beekeeper in Shropshire! This reduces the carbon footprint of their fudge immensely! All their packaging is recyclable, even the bag is compostable!


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Jungle Culture Coconut Shell Bowls

Product Review: Jungle Culture Coconut Shell Bowls

Jungle Culture Coconut Shell Bowls
Jungle Culture Coconut Shell Bowls

Jungle Culture (as you may have noticed!) is one of my favourite brands of Zero Waste / Eco products – since I did a Bamboo Week (Following World Bamboo Day 18th September 2021), in which I reviewed 2 of their bamboo products (#PlantBamboo for Straws & #PlantBamboo for Cutlery), then Sarah did a review of their super safety razors (Product Review: Jungle Culture Safety Razor) I have had to refrain from talking about them for a while, otherwise you would think I was biased!

However, I really want to talk to you about their Coconut Shell Bowls today… These are something which I truly use on a daily basis, and have enjoyed eating out of!


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@Abakhan 2022

Abakhan, Mostyn, Wales

Abakhan fabrics pride themselves on offering value for money throughout the vast range of Fabrics, Yarns, Crafts, Sewing Accessories and Haberdashery which they have on offer. They are committed to sourcing the best products at the best prices and frequently have stock lots, clearance parcels and special offers available – for example end of roll, or their famous “Fill-a-bag” sales – ex-display curtains (readymade), bed linen… in addition to piles of deadstock fabrics (true deadstock is fabric (or other items, e.g. buttons) that is surplus to requirements after the manufacturing stage is completed, or the cancellation of a clothing / product line which results in a surplus of fabrics). This leaves fabric lovers, yarn lovers and eco-warriors alike, the perfect opportunity to make ethical use of fabrics and other items which would otherwise be disposed of.

Furthermore, in 2020, they commenced “going green”, introducing a new range of recycled and sustainable products!


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The whole pack - a family portrait to treasure!

Zero Waste Gift Idea: A Photoshoot!

Following on from the December post (Season’s Greetings!), when I put forward some ideas for last minute gifts for the season, one example was missing in the ‘make memories, not waste‘ section…. gifting a photoshoot! Quite frankly, I had not thought of it at the time!

However Sarah won a Ginger & Browns photo competition, in collaboration with Bartley Studios! The Winning Photo showed a picture of Bambi the St Bernard and Rainbow the Shih-Tzu, looking up at Sarah. They are both wearing Christmas bandanas which I had made for them!


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Jungle Culture Eco-friendly Safety Razor for Women & Men

Product Review: Jungle Culture Safety Razor

Like many women, I am very much in support of embracing body hair. But, I absolutely hate the feeling of it under my clothing! I personally prefer not to have body hair as I don’t like how it feels. As someone who suffers from PCOS (Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome), one of the main issues I have is excessive hair growth. It is the bane of my life. When you have to shave your legs and arms daily, finding a razor that can help with this is essential! But what led to my testing the Jungle Culture Safety Razor?


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Copyright Veganuary


Veganuary (taking place during – you guessed it – January) inspires people all over the world to try vegan for January and beyond. Millions of people have already taken part. Are you taking part this year? Even for a few days, or a week?

Throughout the year, Veganuary encourages and supports people and businesses alike to move to a plant-based diet as a way of protecting the environment, preventing animal suffering, and improving the health of millions of people.

Their site offers a lot of resources for anyone considering trying Vegan:


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©Dingbats* Notebooks, Journals and Ātopen Pens

Product Review: Dingbats*

I had never heard of Dingbats* until Christmas Day 2020 when my best friend (sharing my love of notebooks/bullet journals, and knowing that I was working towards a Zero Waste Life – and blogging in the process), gave me a Dingbats* notebook as a gift.  

In the pocket, at the back of the notebook, was a small leaflet, which briefly detailed their product ranges and highlighted key features (discussed below). I tried them, following the link on the leaflet to find out more, then my love affair with Dingbats* began… in fact, 3 months later I ordered a further 5 journals, as well as some lovely dual-tipped pens!!  Why? What makes Dingbats* different/better than the Moleskine notebooks, which I have used for decades?

Dingbats* Earth Collection of notebooks & Pens
©Dingbats* Earth Collection of Notebooks & Pens

Read on, and get a 10% discount on your purchase!


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©Bird & Blend Tea Co.

Product Review: Tea from Bird & Blend Tea Co.

The Bird & Blend Tea Co. is “an eco-conscious, independent, people-focused, award winning Tea Mixology Company on a mission to spread happiness and reimagine tea” – As a Tea-Lover myself, this statement alone piqued my interest!

So, when my loose-tea cupboard was looking bare in October, I popped off an order to them, and I was not disappointed!