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Repair / Up-cycle

For years now I have had a sewing room – made my own curtains, clothes, bags… you name it. But it is mostly employed to repair clothing.

50% of the time clothing is repairable, if not, it is put to one side for up-cycling.
Recent up-cycles include:

Favourite Jumper -> Dog Coat

I was devastated when a favourite jumper (albeit over 10 years old) started shrinking… so it was upcycled!

Poppy now sports a stunning new (FatFace) look! Admittedly she was not keen to pose for photos that day, LOL!

Washing-Up – Scrubby-Sponge Replacement

1st prototype for up-cycling old towels and summer trousers: Jute hessian at bottom, towelling in the middle and cotton at the top. Works a treat!