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Jungle Culture - Straws in a pile

#PlantBamboo for Straws

Bamboo is a ubiquitous sight across many parts of the tropics and subtropics, and is the fastest growing plant on the planet (reaching full maturity in around 3-5 years) and can be found in Africa, the Asia-Pacific and the Americas. Bamboo can be an important part of sustainable development in the Global South, particularly as a tool for poverty alleviation and climate change mitigation.

Jungle Culture - Jungle Straws
Jungle Culture – Jungle Straws

There are over 1600 known species, with thousands of uses. One of which is for the production of drinking straws.

Plastic straws have been banned* in the UK for over a year now, in an effort to reduce the amount of plastic pollution that is having a detrimental effect on our environment: clogging up rivers, oceans and seas.

Bamboo straws are a sustainable alternative to plastic and appeal to the whole family; whether you’re looking for reusable straws for your children, smoothie straws for your home, or cocktail straws for your bar or business, you can kick-start your plastic-free lifestyle with bamboo biodegradable straws in the knowledge that they are strong, durable, and completely odourless.

Jungle Culture & Jungle Straws

Jungle Culture have shared some of the images, videos and information in order to present #PlantBamboo for Straws. Jungle Culture is an independent British company driven to help end the damage that single-use plastic causes to their environment. Their values in eco-sustainability ensure that their reusable bamboo straws are not only beautifully handmade, but are also ethically sourced at a single family-run farm in rural Vietnam, where they have personally overseen the entire manufacturing process.

We knew that any business we created must benefit local communities and work in harmony with the natural environment, never against it.

Jungle Culture

After travelling to the source of the raw materials in Vietnam, British co-founders Chris & Jamie decided to relocate the business in order to develop ethical relationships with local craftsmen and women, and form working partnerships with the farms at Jungle Straws now work alongside. This allowed the company to better understand and improve farming and logistics, and helps support the local communities in the region.

The farm which Jungle Culture work with is very humble and run by a single family that has owned the land for generations. They grow the bamboo using only water and sun and process everything by hand. The boom in demand for bamboo straws has given a much needed boost to this sleepy village in rural Vietnam.

The bamboo produced is washed and sterilised before being left to dry in natural sunlight. The result is eco-friendly bamboo drinking straws which are 100% organic & BPA free. No chemicals or pesticides are used throughout their entire production process.

Zero Waste Llama’s #JungleStraw Product Review

This is a product our household would not be without now! What we loved most:

  • Can be used in hot or cold beverages
  • Differing straw widths can be used for different consistencies – from soup to smoothie, still to sparkling!
  • Surprisingly easy to cleaning – even in the dishwasher! (see below)
  • Come with a pouch to keep them clean whilst out and about! We’ve put a few in our car for picnics and to save us having to accept the paper ones when drinking out!

These straws are really nice in hot drinks… they do not burn you like other, metal, alternatives! They don’t go soggy like the paper straws do!

Cathrene's Jungle Straws

NB: The fact that Jungle Culture PERSONALISED these straws for me to test, has in no way affected my review! In fact, this has given me a great idea for corporate gifts branded for my business, ZWL Solutions! Jungle Culture offer engraving and custom branding of their zero waste wholesale products in the UK, if you think this may be of interest to you or your business! Find out more here.

Where can you find #JungleStraws?

Jungle Culture produce high quality bamboo #junglestraw sets, which are packaged in stunning, natural jute bags.

These are available in the Jungle Culture Online Store, and other shops online, in addition to your local Zero Waste Store – remember to #shoplocal where you can! (My fellow Northwichians can find Jungle Straws at Weigh of the World!)

Keeping your Bamboo #JungleStraw clean

Bamboo straws are made from whole stalks of bamboo with nothing recompressed or nothing added! This makes caring for them and keeping them hygienic easy:

  • Each set of straws comes with a cleaning brush that is specially designed to fit inside the Jungle Straw.
  • Cleaning the inside of the straws with straw cleaning brushes prevents any blockages. To clean use warm soapy water and gently push the cleaning brush in and out of the straw until water runs clearly through the straw.
  • Boiling bamboo straws from time to time in a little salt and white vinegar helps preserve them and will remove any built up residue.
  • What’s more, #JungleStraws are fully dishwasher safe!

175 billion straws are thrown away every year! Act now and help save our oceans!

Jungle Culture

*Please always be respectful of those who are unable to replace their plastic straws

Before judging others on their use of plastic straws, please consider that #strawbans have highlighted the continued #ableism in today’s society. Although the environmental, climate justice and zero waste movements have emphasised that reusable straws are an “easy thing to change”, this is not a possibility for everybody! One person’s “social prop” is another person’s conduit for nutrition.

Zero Waste Llama kindly ask you to accept and respect this.


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