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Jungle Culture Bamboo Cutlery

#PlantBamboo for Cutlery

Single-use plastic cutlery is one of the biggest contributors to the plight caused by plastic pollution. There are over 1600 known species, with thousands of uses. One of which is for the production of cutlery.

Jungle Culture have a carpentry studio located approximately 150km from Hanoi, in the rural province of Thanh Hoa, where their bamboo cutlery is hand-carved. The topography of Thanh Hoa province (large swathes of the region are covered in steep, rocky mountains) and the high annual rainfall (3 times more than the average in London) makes it the perfect location bamboo to grow in abundance. The bamboo is then sustainably farmed by the locals who have used it for the construction of their homes and handicrafts for generations.

The local craftspeople are committed to supporting ethical and organic production and, using only basic tools, they worked closely with the Jungle Culture team in order to perfect the unique, durable and organic cutlery from the bamboo which they had worked with all their lives.

The resulting handmade bamboo utensils are designed to last a lifetime – a far superior product than disposable, plastic cutlery!

With combatting plastic waste by ditching disposables in mind, and in order to create a product which would be practical for taking on picnics, meals on the go or camping trips, Jungle Culture created sets of cutlery presented in a stylish natural jute bag – not only a coveted accessory, but a work of art!

Product Review: Bamboo Cutlery by Jungle Culture

Once again, I find myself love, love, loving these! As someone who likes to travel and explore, this ups my picnic game – I feel like I can now go a little more gourmet than the usual ploughman’s sandwich I carry around on days out!

Lightweight and compact, the set not only fits in my backpack when hiking, but fits into my “work handbag” should I require it when travelling without my hiking boots! In fact, Sarah has started storing hers in the glove compartment of her car, so it is always at hand when she needs it!

As with other Jungle Culture products, the cutlery sets are zero waste from start to finish – even if you order these online from them directly, there no unnecessary packaging and not a bit of plastic in sight!

I think that this product will be this year’s festive season’s gifts for family and friends! I literally cannot think of anyone I know that does not need one! Each portable set of eco friendly utensils comes complete with a serrated bamboo knife, sturdy bamboo fork, and a bamboo tablespoon as well as a bamboo straw and coconut fibre straw cleaning brush.

Where can you find Jungle Culture’s Bamboo Cutlery?

Jungle Culture’s high quality bamboo cutlery sets, presented in a jute carry cases, are available in the Jungle Culture Online Store, and other shops online, in addition to your local Zero Waste Store – remember to #shoplocal where you can! (My fellow Northwichians can find Jungle Culture cutlery sets at Weigh of the World!).

Caring for your Bamboo Cutlery Sets

Jungle Culture’s bamboo cutlery sets are handmade from 100% organic and natural bamboo. They are made to last a lifetime, but only if given proper love and care!

We recommend hand washing your personal bamboo cutlery set with warm, soapy water and drying immediately. Unlike the #JungleStraws I reviewed previously, bamboo (or any other type of wooden) utensils should not be placed in the dishwasher, as this may cause the wood to fray and break.

After eating on-the-go, simply use a tissue to wipe them clean before packing them away for a good wash at home – this will avoid any food staining the surface.


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