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Jungle Culture Eco-friendly Safety Razor for Women & Men

Product Review: Jungle Culture Safety Razor

Like many women, I am very much in support of embracing body hair. But, I absolutely hate the feeling of it under my clothing! I personally prefer not to have body hair as I don’t like how it feels. As someone who suffers from PCOS (Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome), one of the main issues I have is excessive hair growth. It is the bane of my life. When you have to shave your legs and arms daily, finding a razor that can help with this is essential! But what led to my testing the Jungle Culture Safety Razor?

I used to go through so many disposable razors, until my boyfriend suggested a ‘Safety razor’ a few years ago. Being so tired of constantly having razor burn on my legs and being left with ‘strawberry leg’, no matter how many times I used body scrub. I probably would have been better keeping the leg hair! Although I was wary of the safety razor at first, and was given quite the “pep-talk” before using it by my boyfriend. “Don’t press too hard, Don’t tilt it too much otherwise you’ll get cut, you’ll get cut when you first use it” etc etc. I soon wondered where they had been all my life! It wasn’t scary at all, maybe my other-half had been using a bare knife! I did have the occasional mishap, but other than that, the bloodbath I’d been imagining didn’t happen.

The razor I used wasn’t amazing, I didn’t do any research before getting it, I assumed that they were all the same. And I was swayed by the fact that it was rose gold… Despite not being the “crème-de-la-crème” of razors, it was ok, especially in comparison to what I’d been used to! It gave me smooth legs, and I didn’t get razor burn, that in itself was a huge plus! I still occasionally got strawberry legs though, which was annoying, but not the end of the world. Maybe it’s normal? My awe of people who could achieve beautifully shaved, smooth legs continued. I also felt good about the reduced waste as I was only disposing of the blades once they became blunt. So much better than throwing away a plastic razor every week or so!

Jungle Culture Eco-friendly Safety Razor (Unisex)

Jungle Culture Eco-friendly Safety Razor for Women & Men
Jungle Culture Eco-friendly Safety Razor

A few months ago, Jungle Culture approached us and sent us one of their razors to test and review. As a new safety razor convert, I was so eager to try it! If anyone can challenge a razor, it’s me and my gorilla-like legs! I had assumed that all safety razors were the same, I soon realised how wrong I was!

Firstly, the colour – it doesn’t contribute to the efficacy of the razor at all, but its pretty, and I like it a lot! It was a lot lighter than my other razor, which made it more comfortable to hold for pro-longed periods of time (told you- I’m hairy!). It glides across the skin and takes the hair with it, I haven’t cut myself on it once.

I finished my shower, and my shave. As I didn’t have my glasses on, and my eyesight is pretty horrendous, I assumed that my smooth legs were just because of my distinct lack of focus. Once I put my glasses back on I was amazed… I had no black dots on my legs!! Where were the strawberry legs?! I HAD SMOOTH LEGS!!
My legs left softer than ever before, I ran to my friend and insisted she looked at and left my legs.

I had no razor burn at all, I still wouldn’t shave dry, as I’m not a maniac, but I can do it without conditioner or shaving cream if I’m in a rush and feeling like living life on the edge. As I said earlier, my arms and legs have always been shaved daily. With this razor, I don’t need to! A good couple of days can pass by without ‘needing’ to shave again. It’s incredible. What will I do with all of this extra time I have on my hands?!

I love the razor. Shaving is no longer a chore, which for someone who struggles with so much hair, is huge!

Sarah (25)

I have also used it on my face, I have quite bad facial hair (damned hormones!) and it has really helped!

The Jungle Culture reusable eco safety razors are precision engineered to provide a smooth and comfortable zero waste shaving experience. Each razor has a textured grip and extra long chrome metal handle, perfectly balanced for shaving hard to reach areas.

Jungle Culture Eco-friendly Safety Razor for Women & Men
Jungle Culture Eco-friendly Safety Razors

Product Attributes

The Jungle Culture razor set contains:

  • Coloured metal reusable razor (Unisex)
  • Organic white jute travel pouch
  • Sustainable Gift Box

Other attributes:

  • The perfect sustainable gift for him or her. Vegan friendly, zero waste metal women’s razors or men’s razors!
  • Comfortable, weighted long chrome handle – ideal for beginners
  • Completely unisex & environmentally friendly razors.
  • Comes with a colour printed gift box and unique natural jute travel bag
  • Compatible with any double edged DE safety razor blade

My one issue, which we have mentioned to Jungle Culture, is that due to the narrow handle, I found it hard at first to hold it in certain positions without it slipping out of my hand. I haven’t had this issue since I first encountered it, however, it is definitely worth noting for anyone who struggles with dexterity / fine-motor skills – It might well be worth looking at some of their other razors with different handles. Lynne, my friends mother, who is in her 70s and has Arthritis, also tested this razor, and shared her experience:

I used this razor in a seated position, due to being unable to bend. It was easy to assemble /disassemble – I had a razor like this (not as heavy) from 18- 30 years of age, when I went over to disposable ones. Would I buy this product? No, because of the weight of the razor. Would I buy a lighter version, with an easier grip? – YES

Lynne (72)

Lynne is now going to try out some of the other Jungle Culture razor models, to see if she gets on with them 🙂

You will remember from previous reviews, Jungle Culture designs and creates Earth-friendly products in collaboration with small farms, craft workshops and ethical factories. Their transparent supply chain is focused on lowering waste whilst empowering small manufacturers and poverty-stricken communities around the world.

There other Safety Razor variations can be found here, including lighter (larger handled) Bamboo ones:

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