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Product Review: Solid Shampoo Bars – Bain & Savon

Following on from my previous review (Product Review: Coconutty Soapnut Shampoo Bar) I tried a few shampoo soaps from the Bain & Savon range, which I obtained from Peace with The Wild, experimenting to see what was most suitable to my hair-type.

Bain & Savon have a variety of options in terms of scents and hair-types:

  • Coconut Milk“This is a solid shampoo bar packed full of Coconut milk. Coconut milk provides extra nourishment and is wildly used in Ayurvedic skin and hair care. Coconut milk will ensure a bubbly lather and extra creamy feel, while jojoba oil adds a touch of luxury that’s fantastic for promoting healthy shiny hair. This bar is unfragranced. Suitable for all hair types.”
  • Chamomile “These shampoo bars feature a double dose of scalp-soothing chamomile, incorporating both tea and oil infusion of the flowers. This shampoo bar has been formulated with lovely sunflower oil and shea butter along with Bain & Savon home grown Lavender, infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Chamomile is great for using with blonde or light grey hair as it naturally brightens with it’s lightening properties, however it can still be used by those with any colour hair.”
  • Rosemary “This is a solid shampoo bar that works perfectly for those with dark hair, however it can be used with other hair colours as well. Infused with rosemary, this has a lovely spicy and fresh fragrance. Bain & Savon have used their own rosemary infusion from the plants grown in their own garden in Cumbria.”
  • Sunny Orange“This is a solid zesty shampoo bar scented with a spritely blend of citrus essential oils that not only gives them a wonderful smell, but a boost of cleansing power as well.”

Additional Attributes

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Vegan & cruelty free
  • Packaging is biodegradable & recyclable
  • Palm oil free
  • No parabens and no SLS
  • Handmade in Whitehaven, UK