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Product Review: Reusable Sanitary Products

Periods: not the most pleasant thing to write about, but a monthly occurrence which, for the majority of UK women, results in repeated purchases of sanitary towels and/or tampons. This included me until this week.

I had ordered a number of sanitary towels (and a menstrual cup) from Peace With The Wild to be delivered (and they arrived just as my period came). Such a colourful array of colours! I was quite excited opening the package!

I received:

Menstrual Cup

The OrganiCup comes in 2 varieties: aimed at women who have not given birth (size A) and who have given birth (size B). In addition to their environmental and practical attributes (see below), I chose OrganiCup, because of the charitable projects (in both developing and developed countries) which they support, to ensure that to ensure that in need receive proper information about menstruation, menstrual health and period products.

A great alternative to disposable tampons and/or sanitary towels, the OrganiCup is made from soft, medical-grade silicone, it’s extremely comfortable and safe. Menstrual cups last for years – i.e. you are not just reducing your waste and helping the environment, but you can also save a tonne of money too! (#tampontax)

I was, however, nervous about trying a cup – I had seen adverts for years, and could not bring myself to buy one (I have to admit the full refund within 90 days was partly an incentive – no excuse NOT to try!). But, when it arrived promptly in time for use, I rinsed it out as per the instructions (conveniently printed on the inside of the packaging for less waste!), and inserted it according to the directions.

The first time I inserted it, it was strange and took a few minutes. By third time… I was a pro! What a pleasant surprise! It was just as comfortable as a tampon AND I HAD NO LEAKS!!! I had used in combination with a pantyliner, just in case, but NOTHING! I am VERY impressed! This is the future!

Additional Attributes:

  • OrganiCup holds up to 3 tampons worth and can be worn for up to 12 hours (including at night!)
  • OrganiCup is made of 100% soft medical-grade silicone that doesn’t mess with your body
  • Allergy Certified: AllergyCertified is an international certification organisation founded in Denmark in 2015.
  • 100% FDA approved medical grade silicone
  • BPA & Latex free
  • Menstrual cups last years
  • Healthier & greener
  • OrganiCup last years, not hours = No constant waste and no monthly purchases. Reusable

Sanitary Towels

The reusable menstrual sanitary pads from Earthwise are perfect for replacing disposables and plastic pads! They are far kinder on the skin, more comfortable to wear and they help you to reduce waste. Made with a leak proof PUL backing layer, a microfibre core and a soft stain resistant microfleece against the skin.

Eco-Femme Cotton Sanitary Pad – Night Pad

I could not use the sanitary towels immediately though (the instructions suggested that I should wash them twice before use) but was able to use the Eco-Femme Cotton Sanitary Pad – Night Pad, as my washing had dried before bedtime. I had been concerned regarding overnight usage, and worried about the pad moving during the night, but I need not have feared! All was well in the mornings, when I rinsed the pad out before placing in the washing machine with my usual load.

Additional Attributes

  • Reusable
  • Machine washable
  • Air dries quickly
  • Plastic free packaging
  • Stain resistant
  • PUL leakproof lined
  • When you buy Eco Femme pads , you give an adolescent girl in India the opportunity to attend a workshop on menstrual health and the chance to choose washable cloth pads through our Pad for Pad programme.

Medium Reusable Sanitary Pads

I had the same experience with the Medium Reusable Sanitary Pads. I am genuinely pleased with both these products!

Additional Attributes

  • Cotton flannel top layer with PUL leak preventing layer
  • Washable and reusable
  • Replaces disposable plastic pads
  • These will Last years!
  • Hand stitched and made ethically in India by women’s collectives
  • Part of the Pad For Pad Programme

My next step is to produce these myself in my sewing room – there are a number of sites offering sewing patterns and instructions for making sanitary pads, and I will give it a whirl in the future – a great use for leftover cotton fabric!