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The Ethical Choice- Show Love: Buy Local, Shop Small

When you buy out-of-season produce, e.g. raspberries or strawberries in December, your eco-credentials become lower. The same applies to purchasing any food product that has been flown from outside your country or is wrapped in layers of (unnecessary) plastic. By shopping locally, and independently, (bakers, farm shops, green grocers…) it is less likely that the produce has travelled an unthinkable distance in order to get onto your plate. Not only does this support local farmers, but the produce will be wrapped in less (or even no) packaging and is fresher. The same applies to non-food goods and services.

This is just one positive, others include:

  • It is often possible to try before you buy!
  • It may be cheaper
  • Advice can be sought if required
  • It helps build your community, get social!
  • It support local businesses and entrepreneurs
  • Independent shops often sell unique and unusual products
  • It boosts the local economy

If you wander through the centre of Northwich there are so many independent businesses trying to make the town a great reason to live here. Think about the ones you shop at, now think about if they weren’t open any more. Put simply we can’t exist without you, so every purchase you make helps, and this year will probably be a lot tougher for many small businesses than even the last 2 years of Covid-19.

You can help in other ways, for free…

  • comment on posts so they know you’re out there listening
  • like/ follow the business’ social page, add it as a favourite
  • react to posts: hit like on Instagram, or like/ love/ care on Facebook
  • share posts
  • tell your friends
  • really like a product/service you’ve bought? Leave a review (there’s a tab on Facebook, you can also do it via Google)

Social media won’t keep showing you posts if you don’t keep interacting, which means you could be missing great offers, news, events – just clicking into posts briefly helps the algorithms know what you’d like to see.

Northwich Independent Shops

Northwich boasts a large number of successful independents selling a variety of great products, from shops that sell beautiful bespoke gifts to family-run stores that have been in town for generations, the number of independent shops in Northwich is very impressive.

These include (please contact me if you need me to add any I have missed!)

  • Abda: Coffee – Cake – Culture
    Abda’s is an inclusive, speciality, cultural coffee shop offering, but not limited to, inclusive Vegan and Allergy- Friendly options. Affectionately known as Abda’s, we offer a unique slice of culture and a space for the community to enjoy, where everyone and anyone is welcome. This is my favourite cafe in the whole of Northwich – with a real focus on sustainability!
  • Apparel
    You’ll find this family-run business along Witton Street. Apparel stock menswear and ladies fashion clothing, from shirts to socks, to bags and belts. Brands include Fred Perry, Calvin Klein, Superdry and Pretty Green and more. 
  • Crafty Stitches
    Although this gem of Northwich is closing down on the 31st July, they would really appreciate your support for one last time as this would allow them to be able to walk away from the business on a high note! there is 40% off all stock currently, so go and stock up on your knitting / crochet / embroidery yarns, threads and accessories whilst you still can. This is a devastating loss to Northwich – there has been a wool shop there since 1946, and Joan has been helping me and my family choose yarn and knitting needles since I was 4 years old – almost 40 years! To say I will miss them is a gross understatement.
  • Culinary Concept
    Culinary Concept by Rayner Müller was born from a love and passion for food with over fourteen years experience in the food industry. They believe that family and food go hand in hand together!​ As a family company, they are passionate about creating the highest quality products for everyone to enjoy. Their journey from South Africa to Cheshire has provided them with inspiration and expertise, giving their products a unique flair and flavours from two vastly different cultures.
  • Ivy Cottage Interiors
    Based in Northwich town centre we stock home interior items, furnishings, ornamentals and gifts and for the up-cyclers out there, we also stock Cornish Milk mineral paint and accessories for all your painting needs.
  • John Griffiths
    Fruit & vegetable shop – has kept me in the best tasting – and least plastic wrapped – Fruit and Veg since my childhood! AND they deliver! 🙂
  • New Moon Art Collective
    If you head upstairs Abda coffee shop you will find the amazing New Moon Art Collective ran by Zoe! She stocks a range of beautiful clothing including gorgeous floaty pants, dressing gowns, dresses, dungarees and more. We love the bright, cheerful and unique items she offers and she is always working hard to keep fresh stock in the shop. 
  • Northwich Art Shop
    This shop is only specialist art shop that’s not in a city for about 180 miles! This provides a great opportunity for artists and budding artists to come and have a look at the range Northwich Art Shop has to offer including books, cards, brushes, painting knives, canvas, boards, easels, paint, pencil charcoal tapes and more! 
  • Sew Easy
    Alterations, fabric sales, haberdashery, sewing café, sewing patterns, sewing machine repairs/services, sewing workshops, long arm quilting services and sew much more! A haven for quilters and makers in Northwich!
  • The Style Hut
    Claire is based in the Northwich Indoor Market and has a gorgeous ladies boutique stocking the latest ladies fashion and accessories at fantastic prices. With a passion for fashion, Claire always looks her best and makes sure you do too! Her or one of the team members are always on hand to help and they also stock clothes for plus sizes too.
  • Weigh of the World
    Weigh of the World is an independent business in Northwich, Cheshire. We are a zero waste shop – this means we provide customers with the ability to refill food and cleaning products into their own containers, buying as little or as much as they want and reducing packaging. We also sell toiletries and other everyday items that can be reused, helping people move away from single-use, throwaway items. We are there for people who have dramatically changed their lifestyles towards zero waste, but very importantly we’re also there for the people who just want to make small changes. Everyone has their own path. My review of this shop, from the moment it opened!
  • White Ribbon Boutique
    This gorgeous little boutique is always keeping up with the latest trends. Based on the High Street, White Ribbon Boutique is a family-run business that stocks tops, dresses, coats, skirts, footwear, accessories and more. We know a lot of you will have holidays booked this year now that travel restrictions have eased off, so why not pay them a visit and check out their Spring/Summer collection? 

#ShopIndependentDay is thanks to Holly Tucker MBE, UK Ambassador for Creative Small Businesses. If you know anyone running a small independent business make sure they know about her work