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My Pledge to the Planet: Progress

I am trying my utmost to reduce my waste by 85% before the end of the year. It is not that I never recycled (I always have done!), or that I was particularly wasteful, but that there is more that I can do.

What is in place

  • Avoidance of ANY purchases with plastic packaging (yes, this causes funny looks in Tesco when I have veg loose in a bag for life, but what is the point in putting them in plastic for a 5 min journey, when I already have a canvas carrying implement?!)
  • Up-cycling of anything possible: for a friends kids to make stuff with (the cardboard rolls in the middle of wrapping paper are, e.g. excellent swords!)
  • Re-use of boxes and envelopes.
  • Slow integration of alternative products with waste reduction and environmental friendliness as core motivations for choice.

What still needs to take place

  • There are still (many) items in my house (e.g. body lotions etc) with plastic packaging. What is reusable, will be. What I am unable to use, will be placed in the recycling.

What I have noticed

  • My bins are not full. Life seems simpler – fewer things to sort for recycling.
  • My cupboards – especially containing bathroom items – are no longer full to bursting, and much space is saved!
  • YES I am not eating some of the things I have in the past, simply because the packaging prevents me from making the purchase. BUT I am doing my bit.
  • There are a few more coins in my purse.

Today am at about 79% still…. This might mean that I might not make the 85% before 2019, but as soon as the last items are used, things will reduce again.