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Product Review: Lavandi Shampoo & Conditioning bars

Lavandi were kind enough to provide me with some of their Shampoo & Conditioning Bars for testing. I distributed these between myself ( Elderflower) and a friend (Joe) tried the Dandelion.

What I liked most is the fact that Lavandi are based in Northwich, Cheshire, where I live! Lavandi have seen the need for change and have created a range of recipes that are all-natural.

All Shampoo and Conditioning bars are made with Cold Press Flaxseed Oil and Marjoram-infused Cold Press Olive Oil, to improve strength and shine. Omega-3, Omega-6 fatty acids as well as Vitamin E included in flaxseed oil can aid your hair in maintaining moisture. Marjoram can strengthen the follicles, helping your hair to grow back stronger and healthier, it has anti-fungal properties which makes it a good natural option to treat common scalp issues like dandruff. As you wont need to buy any conditioner when using these shampoo and conditioning bars, and they should last around 2 months.

Products tested:

I really enjoyed using the Elderflower shampoo, and Joe, aged 20, absolutely loved the Dandilion and bars!

Joe said:

I love the shampoo bar, because it gets my hair the way I want it (if that makes sense?). The shampoo gives my hair volume and makes it easier for it to stay in shape and style. It does not have any strong scent, which means there is no irritation!