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Product Review: Lavandi Organic Vegan Lip Balm

Lavandi were kind enough to provide me with some of their Lip Balm for testing. This is a product which I have absolutely LOVED…. definitely a favourite of mine!

What I liked most is the fact that Lavandi are based in Northwich, Cheshire, where I live! Lavandi have seen the need for change and have created a range of recipes that are all-natural. Lavandi’s Organic Vegan Lip Balms are made from certified Organic ingredients, we have combined some of the best Botanical infusions, Unrefined Oils and Butters to create a range of Organic Vegan Lip Balms, that have incredible Moisturising, Repair and Taste.

There are seven choices all with great tastes, moisturising and repair:

Lavandi Nettle and Peppermint LipBalm

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the Netter & Peppermint lip balm, which Lavandi so graciously gave me to test! Easy to apply, gentle, and effective, this fragrance was right up my street, and has really helped my dry lips and

Remember a Lip Balm is not just for winter – especially during this difficult COVID-19 lockdown, I have found that my lips (and knuckles!) have really appreciated this product! Great Job Lavandi!