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Product Review: Bath, Bubbles & Beyond – Shampoo & Conditioners

Motivated by my actions and blog, Sarah (my Personal Assistant and, most importantly, my best friend!) started her voyage towards her plastic-free future, starting with some Shampoo and Conditioners from Bath, Bubbles & Beyond, which I chose for her at Weigh of the World, in Northwich.

After putting off the transition until she returned from her fabulous fabulous holiday over Christmas, she started the new year with a new hair-care regime, and was more than pleasantly surprised by the ease and improvement in making this transition!

Bath, Bubbles and Beyond make simple, solid shampoo & conditioner bars which do away with wasteful over-packaging and environmental worries in one. Perfect for anyone who loves the planet as much as their hair. Not a gimmick, these rich, solid shampoo & conditioner bars effectively cleanse and moisturise to leave your hair looking nourished and healthy – Plus they are all Vegan! The bars are economic too as each bar keeps on working, lasting so much longer than a bottle of the liquid alternative.

Sold in eight different varieties, there’s one to suit every hair type – and corresponding conditioners are available in fragrances to complement their shampoo bars.



So what did Sarah think of the products she tried?

Sarah has curly, dyed hair and a very sensitive scalp. All the products she tested have been gentle on my hair/scalp, and her hair benefited from using them. I had forewarned her that there was often a “transition period” when switching to bar shampoos, but she was pleasantly surprised by the fact that she did not experience this at all! She said:

This was my first time using bar shampoo, it didn’t leave a residue on my hair at all. Hair felt light and so clean afterwards. Leaves my hair feeling really soft and it doesn’t go greasy as quickly as when I have used other shampoos/conditioners. I can wash it every 2 days rather than every day!

Shine On Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

The Shine On Shampoo and Conditioner bars were her absolute favourites – they smelled great and her hair felt “super hydrated” after use. Definitely the ones she will be purchasing in future! She also noted that the conditioner bars lasted twice as long as the shampoo bars (unlike it being the reverse, in general, with liquid shampoos and conditioners).

Bounty Hunter Shampoo Bar

Although not a great fan of coconut, Sarah really enjoyed using this product, and found that it worked well with her hair type!

Citrus Paradisi Shampoo Bar

Sarah discovered that this was also be a great product, and that it worked well with her hair type! She found the citrus fragrance to be (in her words) “AMAZING”!