COVID-19: Staying Home, Staying Safe and keeping up with your Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Part 2

Create a “Safeguard Zone”, a “Quarantine ” and a “Living Area” in your home

Dividing your home into a “Quarantine Zone”, a “Quarantine Zone” and a “Living Zone” will help lower the risk of bringing the virus into your house.

The Safeguard Zone is the area between the entrance and the living space (for example your hallway near the front door, or a porch if you have one). Make sure that you remove any items that may have come into contact with the virus – such as your shoes and and clothing – in the Safeguard Zone to prevent the virus being carried into your clean Living Zone.

The Quarantine is a cupboard or part of a garage or shed, where personal waste (e.g. used tissues), incoming packaging (e.g. postal refuse, delivery packaging…) can be quarantined for 72 hours before sorting into your rubbish and recycling bins. Consider placing your dirty laundry or an interim rubbish bin in the Safeguard Zone for convenience – for me this works out great, as my washing machine is located in my garage which has a Quarantine Section.

The most important thing to remember, is to wash your hands thoroughly after touching items in these areas, in order to avoid bringing the virus into the Living Zone. (I will write more about eco hand sanitiser later.)

The Living Zone is the area you eat, rest, work (for a lot of us at the moment!) and play in .

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