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Shopping Plastic Free

I am not going to spend a lot of time on this piece – if you are reading this to start with you are already looking at ways to reduce your (plastic) waste, so here are some of the things which I am committed to doing:

Buy NO food in Plastic Packaging

Ok, this was a hard one, and on the 1st of October 2018 I bit the bullet and pledged to do this…. it is damned hard, to be honest! Things like bread, I don’t buy anyway, as I prefer to bake my own, but for fresh fruit and vegetables it is especially hard! So, I am trying to buy fruit and vegetables from the local grocers as much as possible. I have never been one for ready meals, and am trying to make my own pizzas (pretty much the only “ready meal” I ever purchase!).

However I have a solution for cheese / deli / fish – containers! The staff at the counters are more than happy to place my purchases directly into one of my containers, and place the price sticker on the lid! Then when I come home, they either stay in the container in the fridge, or (e.g. with cheese) wrap in wax cloths to save space in the fridge!

Use Bags for Life Where Possible

Since the introduction of a 10p per plastic bag in most stores was introduced some years ago, I am surprised to see so many people buying the plastic bags (which, lets face it, are not of a good quality anyway) at the checkout, and not implementing Bags for Life…. BUT, that said, it is starting to sink in, and there is a definite increase in the usage of alternatives.

For loose vegetables and fruit, I have started using the mini bags for life that are available – cute as hell, but also a good alternative to the thin plastic bags in that department!