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Food Wraps that Won’t Cost the Earth

Reusable wraps made with bees wax or (vegan) soy, which just required a quick wash with cool, soapy water after use.

There are many online stores, based in the UK, which stock food wraps. I purchased mine from the Waste Away pop-up shop, at the Northwich Artisan Market, but they are also available at the Knutsford Makers Market and online in a variety of online shops.

Available in Beeswax or Soy (vegan) versions, in an ever-changing variety of colours and designs (including seasonal!).

They really are excellent for wrapping cheese or moulding around a bowl or cup!

Additionally, there are produce bags available! (although I have not tested these personally).

After about a year of good use, they may start to become less effective… but do not fear! cut it into small strips and add it to your compost!

There are, however, some disadvantages: it is not as pliable as plastic wrap, so takes a few seconds longer to mould and I am told that it is not ideal for wrapping raw meat.

Despite this, there are solutions: e.g. when wrapping a sandwich, tie some string around it to keep it in place!

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