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Home made sanitary towels / menstrual pads, by Cathrene

Home Made Reusable Sanitary Products

Following my Product Review on Reusable Sanitary Products in March last year, I have been producing my own Sanitary Towels. Not only have these been much more comfy to wear than those purchased, but the homemade ones have proven to weather the wear far better!

Originally, I made 2 test ones for myself (one for day and one for night), which I have used alongside those purchased, then numerous friends and businesses showed interest, so I made up more (far prettier than my “mock ups” from scrap fabrics). Now, a year later, my 2 sanitary towels still look and feel amazing, the purchased Earthwise towels look a little tatty, but are still functional, and the Eco-Femme Cotton Sanitary Night Pads have worn very badly, and although still functional, the fabric has become rough against my skin.

Compared to the brand of disposable pads I used prior, I would never go back…. No irritation and excellent absorbency!

So I set to to make some nice new towels for me for a change (haha – it was the same story with the COVID-19 masks – I have made nearly 100 for others… and still have not finished my own!).

Happy Hippo Curvy Classic Cloth menstrual pad pattern

I have (after making many of the patterns offered) settled on one core pattern from The Happy Hippos (who also offer diaper patterns, by the way!) – The Curvy Classic.

The pattern can be downloaded – with instructions – from the Happy Hippo Etsy Site directly in PDF format. What I like most about The Happy Hippo Patterns, is that you can print off the templates and cut the pattern to suit a variety of lengths. Then there are all their other patterns…. anything from novelty shapes (bat cat!) to wider or narrower wings… Definitely worth a browse!

My tip is, to think of the (disposable) towels which you prefer, and aim to match the layout of those – that way you wont be left short!

What you need

  • A pattern!
  • A sewing machine and universal 80/12 needles
  • Thread: 100% polyester thread to keep the pad from wicking/leaking.
  • Press Studs / Velcro / other fastening option for the wings
  • Fabric:
    • Top Layer: cotton woven, cotton knit, minky, cotton flannel, cotton french terry, cotton velour, bamboo velour…
    • Core (Absorbant layer): flannel, hemp (fleece, terry, or french terry), cotton french terry, cotton fleece, bamboo (fleece, terry, or french terry), terry, zorb, diaper birdseye
    • Bottom Layer: windpro fleece, polar or antipill fleece, hidden PUL with a back layer of fleece, microfleece, or courduroy, and some use just PUL with knit side out for the bottom. Personally, I use PUL with another layer of cotton beneath. I am not a fan of the PUL feel….

Once you have made a couple, you will find that they run up quite quickly! AND they wash amazingly well, with no staining – just soak with water for a few mins (if not going directly in the machine!) and wash with your normal load (I wash at 30°C and have no problems!).

Sanitary Towels
Home made sanitary towels / menstrual pads, by Cathrene

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